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Package Structure

Each package has an index.json file that looks something like this. Dependencies will always load before the package unless you make it cyclical. Please don’t do that.

	"name": "Package Name",
	"id": "PackageID",
	"dependencies": ["AnyIDs", "OfOtherPackages"]

Packages are written in CommonJS, but there will be a template later that lets you write them in ESModules and alias functions from Kernel itself.

To load a package in a specific context you simply create a file and name it main.js, preload.js, or renderer.js. All of these files are optional, only the index.json file is required. Kernel doesn’t even care if you have none of them, but I do.

All of the context files look the same, except the renderer has no Node access and is in ESM.

main.js & preload.js

const path = require("path");

module.exports = class PackageName {
	start() {
		console.log("Package loaded!", path);


// You can only import browser-friendly modules.
import * as nests from "nests";

export default class PackageName {
	start() {
		console.log("Package loaded!", nests);