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Welcome to Kernel


Kernel is a super small and fast Electron app mod with the most capability.


  • ✅ Insanely small size—as good as 0.0009% the size of targeted Electron mods.
  • ✅ Supports nearly any Electron app instead of just one.
  • ✅ High package capabilities.
  • ✅ Comes with zero bloat.
  • ✅ Very portable.
  • ✅ Open source.



Kernel should be versitile.

Packages aren’t constrained by Kernel, and Kernel isn’t constrained by which Electron apps it can run on.

It’s Kernel’s job to make sure they have as much to work with as possible, and it achieves this by loading packages before any other mod does and giving them superior access to APIs.

Packages even load before some Kernel functions, and have full access to Kernel’s internals. This means they are able to change your experience to your liking.

Be warned, packages have full access to your computer—barring administrator unless you’ve granted this—and can make changes to your system that might be malicious! Please be careful when installing packages and be mindful of updates to them.


Kernel should be small.

Size can directly impact loading and downloading speed. Why wait when it can be done already?


Kernel should be fast.

Nobody should have deal with waiting 10 extra seconds for their app to start or laggy interfaces.

But why?

Currently it exists to give more technical users a platform to customize with.

However, this doesn’t mean a less technical user shouldn’t use it, or that it won’t become even easier to use later. Far from those.